Shut Eye - The CBN Sleep Solution

Shut Eye - The CBN Sleep Solution

Sleep is important. We've known this for years. With increasing evidence as to just how important it is for a wide array of health & performance related benefits we have seen an increase in ways to get better sleep. From traditional sleep aids such as Zzz-Quil, to melatonin gummies, and of course prescription aids like Ambien. Most recently though we've seen people starting to search for healthier, more natural sleep aids, enter CBD and CBN.

In the last few years CBD has become almost a household conversation piece in one form or another. Whether it is for anxiety, calm, pain, or health and beauty someone is always touting CBD as the healthier option. Available in seemingly every form known to human consumption CBD is the hip health and wellness alternative. But what about for sleep?

CBD - What is it good for?

While CBD seems to aid in relaxation, which helps in calming the body and mind to prepare for sleep, does it really put people to sleep or make sleep easier? CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a compound found commonly in hemp plants. In 2021 put out an article on the six health benefits of CBD. Everything from anti-inflammation & pain relief to possibly aiding in mental health & heart health. Furthermore the fact that CBD is non-psychoactive and can be found in hemp instead of traditional THC cannabis plants (though it is found there as well) makes it consumer friendly and enticing. However CBD in all its studies has not been shown to have a significant impact on sleep. Enter it's lesser known relative CBN.

CBN - The undercover sleep agent

CBN is another compound that can be derived from hemp or cannabis plants. Traditionally in the past it has been most derived from cannabis and used to help in deep relaxation and it's ability to bring about a more restful night's sleep.

Similar to CBD, CBN is non-psychoactive compound and won't result in a high like traditional cannabis derived cannabinoids. Hemp derived CBN supplements have been shown however to be far more powerful when it comes to sleep, and when combined with the relaxing effects of CBD increases deep relaxation in the body and mind which can help alleviate things like sleep-anxiety, failure to reach REM sleep, and other issues associated with poor sleep.

The combination of CBD and CBN seems to be a dream to individuals from all walks of life looking for a good night's sleep but finding quality products with this combination have been challenging for consumers, until now. Enter Shut Eye, the best night's sleep solution.

Shut Eye - Your best night's sleep

The sleep aid market is full of products, some have been around for years. So what makes Shut Eye different? We are so glad you asked.

First of all Shut Eye uses a sublingual strip form factor. Not a pill or tablet, which can result in a chalky residue that tastes bad and a little uncomfortable, but a fast dissolving strip that goes under your tongue and enters the blood stream quickly. By entering the blood stream in this way, as opposed to swallowing a pill or liquid, Shut Eye begins acting much faster than traditional sleep aids. In about 10 minutes in fact, compared to 30-90 minutes for things like pills, liquids, and gummies. 

This strip technology also makes it much easier to carry around. Headed on vacation or a business trip with a long plane ride? Put a slip in your pocket and slip it under your tongue on the plane, or as soon as you get to your hotel for a nice restful sleep. 

Next Shut Eye uses all-natural ingredients, including CBD & CBN to help promote healthy, restful sleep. Without the use of chemicals, binders, or fillers Shut Eye is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, sugar-free, and non-addictive. It was important to us to create a product that we could feel good about giving to our families no matter what their lifestyle, and we have. Thanks to the combination of hemp derived CBD & CBN Shut Eye is the perfect sleep aid solution for people who care about their bodies, don't want to get high or deal with sleep aid hangovers in the morning, and want a deeper more restful night's sleep.

While sleep aids aren't new and exciting to anyone, Shut Eye most definitely is. Shut Eye is now available exclusively online through and can be found in convenient 7 day, 14 day, and one month packs so it can be part of your daily ritual towards better health.